A selection of pictures from the productions that I have performed in


"Isabella Chiam delights as innocent but brave Gerda. She has presence and charm...It was a warm, well-judged and directed performance. I'm sure we shall see more of her"

Susan Elkin, Theatre Critic

"Almost everything is communicated through puppets by strong performer Isabella Chiam.... who deftly switch between the many roles asked of (her)."

Broadway Baby

"Isabella Chiam, as younger sister Xin Ru with her own mysterious life, also proves a revelation and one can't help but feel that is a character whose story demands to be explored further."

The Flying Inkpot

"Isabella Chiam definitely stood out tonight in Tahan. From tomboy to crazy complaining auntie, from Pinoy to the Chinese-speaking cop, I was glad that I managed to see one more such versatile actress in Singapore"

Just Watch Lah

"Performances were solid across the board, with special mention to...Isabella Chiam playing the bride with the secret."


"The carefully calibrated moves of the actors, particularly Chiam's, make it pure hynoptism to watch the sharp collapse of a figure into a chair modulate into a picture of melting grief"

Straits Times Life!